Set - Nuvole

End of the filmings of the short film "Nuvole": homage to the story by Antonio Tabucchi


With Methodvisuals, ESC editorial studio and Panatronics we are thrilled to announce the end of filming of our latest project, the short film “Nuvole”.
Inspired by the touching story of the same name by Tabucchi, “Nuvole” is a dialogue between an Italian officer who suffered radiation from depleted uranium in Kosovo and a little girl, to whom he teaches the art of reading the future in the clouds.

The project, supported by The Wylie Agency (owner of the rights to the literary work,
was created to be presented at national and international film festivals, to finally be published on the web for free.
The short aims to pay homage and bring to the big screen the work of the Pisan writer who died prematurely,
but it also wants to celebrate that sense of freedom that cinema and literature still possess today, being the only spaces in which there cannot be an end but only a suspension, and therefore an opening. The same “opening” that offers that moment on which Tabucchi’s story is based,
since the ephemeral moment in which the clouds form and disperse becomes the only space in which it is possible to escape
and protect yourself from a time that – as the title of the collection within which the story is contained – suggests – ages quickly.

Nuvole - short film


This project would not have been possible without the passion and talent of everyone involved on set.
First of all, we thank the amazing actors of this production: Andrea Bruni and Maria Victoria Lavoratti (you can follow Andrea’s work at
In April together with ESC editorial studio ( we started the pre-production of the short, and in July Panatronics ( joined us which allowed the project to be filmed in anamorphic as it was originally intended,
finally thanks to the help and commitment of the whole crew we managed to complete the filming!

The Magical Production Team:

Director/Cinematographer: Julien Vannucchi
1st AD/Script supervisor: Emilia Gistri
1st AC: Alessandro Barteselli
Sound Engineer: Tommaso Tiranno
Gaffer: Mattia Dei
MUA: Sara Vaccaro

Location: Bagno Batigia, Lido di Camaiore (LU)



For any request or further information on the “Nuvole” short film project, do not hesitate to contact us at

We’re here to answer your questions and provide you with more insights into the magic behind “Nuvole”.